Department Of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Department Of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Pharmaceutical medicinal chemistry is an interdisciplinary science, which has seen enormous growth in the past decade. Traditionally accepted as a branch of organic chemistry, the subject has reached an tremendouslevel of complexity today. It involves many aspects like synthesis, isolation, purification and characterization of anticipated organic compounds that can be used in medicine for the treatment and cure of diseases. On the other hand it establishes a link between chemical structure and biological activity. Medicinal Chemist plays a very crucial role in the design and development of selective, potential, non-toxic, new chemical entities which meet all the desired pharmacokinetic properties.


The design of "better" molecules is a central aspect in the broader field of medicinal chemistry. Medicinal chemist plays a key role in pharmaceutical research. He is expected to synthesize, purify and analyze novel bioactive compounds. Such organic leads once identified are easy to exploit. The real test resides with the identification of such lead compound and optimization of positions on the basic skeleton of such leads so as to get bioactive molecules. The science now employs the most sophisticated systems with "Drug Design" softwares, all aspects of high-resolution spectroscopy and use of high throughput screening methods. Postgraduate chemistry department has two labs to carry out synthetic and analytical work equipped with sophisticated instruments and softwares to carry out their research work